Research and Intervention Focus:
Qualitative research applied to studies regarding women’s health.


Licenciada* in Sociology, University of Buenos Aires (UBA). European Master’s in Social Policy, Labour and Welfare, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). PhD in Social Sciences, UBA. She was a doctoral and postdoctoral scholar of the CONICET (2010-2017). She is a professor in graduate and postgraduate studies at the UBA, the UNTREF and the University of El Salvador. Dr. Sánchez Antelo oversees qualitative research studies in public policy from the gender perspective in Spain and Argentina.

At CEDES, she participates in the science of Digital Health strategy implementation to improve access to prevention and control of cervical (ATICA Study) and breast cancer; in the analysis of reliability of the implementation of the self-collection strategy for HPV testing; evaluation of the acceptability of the self-collection in the indigenous population; and in the feasibility analysis of a prevention Code for Latin America and the Caribbean. She oversees and evaluates graduate and postgraduate dissertations. Dr. Sánchez Antelo has various publications in national and international scientific journals.

* Licenciada is a degree awarded by University in Argentina after the student has successfully completed all the academic and statutory requirements prescribed for a full time four or five-year course of study.