Research and Intervention Focus:
keen interest in qualitative research in sexual and reproductive health, from a gender and rights perspective.


Licenciada* in Sociology (UBA). Master in Gender, Politics and Sexuality (EHSS, Paris). Candidate for PhD in Social Sciences (UBA). Former CONCIET scholar Type I and II. Former professor UNSAM (2015-2019). Currently holds a position as professor in the Diploma “Feminisms of the present: theoretic and political challenges” (UNPAZ)

As from 2008, she works in the Area of Health, Economics and Society of the CEDES where she carries out diverse projects on maternal morbidity and mortality, legal interruptions of pregnancies, integral sexual education, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual and reproductive health indicators, among other issues.
She is currently working on her PhD dissertation on the delivery process of results and the adherence, or lack of adherence, in HPV+ women from the perspective of women and health care professionals.

*Licenciada is a degree awarded by University in Argentina after the student has successfully completed all the academic and statutory requirements prescribed for a full time four or five-year course of study.